The Advanced Guide to Cavy Keeping

By Matt Gardiner, Breeder, Exhibitor, Judge. Established 1984.

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The "Advanced Guide to Cavy Keeping", which also includes my genetics guide "Colour Inheritance in Cavies", is one of the most comprehensive up to date cavy guides around for Australian Fanciers.  It contains many chapters on the many facets of owning, breeding and exhibiting cavies in Australia.

This guide is extremely helpful to those both new to the fancy and cavy keeping, as well as those more experienced owners, breeders and exhibitors looking for some new ideas, thoughts to consider, and an easy to understand introduction to all known colour and coat type genetics in Cavies.

There are too many sections to list them all here, but it is quite comprehensive, and based on my experiences of owning, breeding, showing and judging cavies over the span of the last 25 years. It contains over 200 pages of high quality colour photos based on the outstanding photography of Nicole Johnson, as well as other valued contributors.

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Testimonials Below

"I would recommend Matt's ebook to anyone, beginner to expert. Written for Australian cavies so all references to products, places, conditions etc are very relevent. A refreshing change after all the OS publications. I printed it (200 pages for those who are interested) put it in plastic sleeves and into a folder. I now have a complete reference manual that I can refer to at any time.  Photos also help make things easier to understand, and photos of toxic/non-toxic plants is terrific.  The section on genetics is very interesting, especially to someone like me who is just starting to breed and establish my own lines. Hopefully it may prevent me making "some" mistakes. Louise - Lathor Cavies"

"I highly recommend Matt's ebook. The best information on Cavies out there besides the Australian National Cavy Fanciers Forum! Soph, Aleuka Cavies"

"We got the guide recently by download. it's very useful. we look it up all the time. Louise and Emilie Gogo-Pigs Stud."

"I just want to say Matts book is well worth the $30.00. I have had it for a while now and it is full of information and advise, HIGHLY RECOMEND IT. David. Piggies Retreat."

"I have Matt's ebook on advanced cavy care.  It is very good I recommend it,for all new and long time breeders. Thanks matt. Janet Apanie Cavy Stud (Agoutis Rule)"

"Matt's E- Book has to be the best book on cavies I have read that really applies to the Australian fancy and our standards in all areas of cavy care.I have read many books from the UK and USA and really you can't go past this one.  Highly recommended, and an invaluable tool to cavy breeding , showing and general care. Karl (Chinchilla & Andino Studs)"

"Ditto to all of the above.  Nothing apart from The ANCF Forums can give such a diverse and extensive range of "true' information.  Just wish Matt would hurry up and get it printed in book form!!!  Krystal Honeywood Cavies."

"It's an excellent read, thanks Matt. Very informative..............Barbara, Killarney Cavies."

"I would like to say what a brilliant ebook you have written Matt! A must for every cavy owner, new or experienced. A very comprehensive source to have on hand to refer to at any time. Julie, Pipsqueak Stud."

"As someone new to cavies I found Matts Advanced Guide to Cavy Keeping a great help in clearing all the muddy waters of conflicting advice. I have also found the genetics very useful and highly informative on how to get from where I am now to where I want to be in years to come.  Thanks Matt.  Sue Scott. Hyjinx Stud."

"I find Matt's book to be a invaluable resource that I refer to time & time again. It's stopped me making many a mistake & always puts me on the right track. Thanks Matt. Kylie-Tintinara Cavies."

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